We are looking for Trainees at SCQF level 10 and above to contribute to the development of the Stepping Stones counselling service.

Counselling Trainees

Person Centred Therapist Trainees can apply for a placement in our busy organisation.

Also, we are keen to hear from trainees who may be looking to develop their skills as a therapist in the integrative modality.

Why should I apply?

You could ask the above question. Stepping Stones has provided counselling services for more than 15 years and we have well developed support systems in place.

The right people will find that Stepping Stones has;

  • Strong governance;
  • Excellent support mechanisms;
  • Experienced staff and mentors;
  • Average turn up rates of 78%;
  • Group work opportunities;
  • Long standing relationships with educational establishments;
  • Other CPD opportunities available on request.

More information about the placement is available here.

Trainees should apply by sending an email containing a CV and cover letter to our Counselling Team Leader Sam Beckett @ sam.beckett@stepstones.org.uk.

Closing date for applications is Friday, 18th September 2020.