John’s Story

“From day one, I realised this was the place to be”

I came here due to the state of my health. Initially, I had been to another service, and although I got on fine with my worker, when he left I didn’t get on with the new worker. I felt that he was judging me and we had a personality clash, therefore, my GP suggested coming to Stepping Stones.

From day one I realised that this was the place to be. Within a few months I felt better. Jackie put me at ease. No longer did I feel rushed or pressured. I was able to control my breathing and I learned to control my panic attacks. No one had mentioned using distraction as a technique to do this before Jackie did. For the first time in a long, long time I was talking to someone who listened. I’ll never forget Jackie for as long as I live.

“I now have more confidence, I’m happier”

I now have more confidence, I’m happier, I can get on with things. I’m not terrified to go out now and I can deal with situations. Jackie’s approach was great. Previously I found people too clinical. Jackie talked to me about the future. For the first time I realised that there could be change for the future and I didn’t have to repeat the same patterns. I felt comfortable to carry on and looked forward to coming in to Stepping Stones. Before I struggled to face appointments like this. I was running away my whole life, but now I don’t. I’m a different person. Thank God I came here.

I would recommend Stepping Stones to people. I’ve been teaching my niece some of the things that I’ve learned. I’m not ashamed now as I know who I am and I have realised I didn’t have to be who I was. It was something I could change. I’ve got a future and I can get on with life. I don’t feel guilty anymore and I don’t put things onto other people. I’ve realised that things that are in the past have to stay there, and I can’t change them.

“I used to overthink everything”

I’ve got techniques that when bad things come into my head I can stop them. These techniques are amazing. I don’t feel threatened when I’m out now. Previously, I used to over think everything, but now I can deal with major situations.

I think Stepping Stones is an amazing place. Previously I didn’t think I had a life, but I do now. I can go for job interviews now, where previously I couldn’t. For years I’d been going about with no life, but not now I’ve got Jackie. I think Jackie’s an amazing woman. She was able to just be there as well as provide information.

I’ve been scared of nothing.

What surprised me was how quickly I felt better. When I realised there was a change – a tiny change – I felt better. I’m a happier person.