Person Centred Therapy

COVID-19 UpdateBecause of the current situation, face to face is only available at our offices in Clydebank. Most people are choosing to be supported by telephone or video call.

Person Centred Therapy (PCT), also known as counselling, is a talking therapy that can help people to take greater control of their life and improve their confidence.

It is a one to one therapy where the goal is to aid the person participating to reach their potential. It does not specifically focus on the past or present but instead it allows the person to turn the focus on what is important to them now.

The therapist works in a non-directive way and members are valued as the director and expert of their own experience.

This type of therapy can be appropriate for both short term and long term periods although in Stepping Stones we time limit sessions to around 8 per person.

More information on PCT is accessible here.

How to access Person Centred Therapy

  • If you are already a member, speak to your allocated worker or contact the office on the above number.
  • Information on how to get referred to the organisation here.