Bereavement and Loss Support Service

This new Bereavement and Loss Support Service is for adults who live within West Dunbartonshire.

We will offer ongoing support to manage the distressing impact of bereavement and loss. In some cases, the people who use the service will require support such as signposting to other services. We expect that people develop coping skills that will lead to an improvement in their general mental health and well-being. For instance, we may see people return to work a lot sooner, or start to enjoy life a bit more.

How to access this service

Those who wish to use the Bereavement and Loss Support Service can self-refer by calling Stepping Stones on 01419412929, or emailing Support agencies, carer or GP’s can also make the referral.

Once the referral is received support staff will talk to the person about their support needs. Support staff are experienced in holding these initial discussions in a way that is sensitive to the person who needs support.

Once allocated a worker the person will have access to one-to–one support and/or counselling. Furthermore, they will have the option of attending supportive groups in Stepping Stones. These groups have a therapeutic focus ensuring they offer appropriate support. Further down the line people will have access to peer support groups to help them manage their feelings when the inevitable triggers occur.

We are living in uncertain times. As a result, we believe that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will see an increase in demand for a bereavement and loss support service. It is great that the WDHSCP recognises this and made the additional service available to the local population.

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More information about making a referral to Stepping Stones is here.