We currently offer assessment appointments via telephone or video link. Face to face appointments are offered in our offices in Clydebank, however, these are very limited at the moment because of the government guidelines on Covid-19. We will review this once the lockdown starts to ease and we move through the phases, ensuring we follow best practice around health and safety.

Referral criteria

Stepping Stones referrals reside within West Dunbartonshire and are at least 16 years of age. When people refer to our service they are usually experiencing common mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety or stress. These can have a big impact on how people live their lives, their relationships at home, or at work. The list can be endless.

We have an open referral system and we welcome referrals from all parts of the community.

Support Agency Referrals

Support agencies, GP’s, etc., can signpost people to our services, however, every new referral is required to complete a referral form. Signposted people can access a referral form by calling 01419412929 or by sending an email to admin@stepstones.org.uk.

A referral form is available for agencies who work out with the confines of West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership and this can be requested by contacting admin@stepstones.org.uk.

The form requires consent to be given by your client /patient before you submit it to Stepping Stones.

Making a Self-Referral

We will be accepting self referrals to our service soon. In the meantime should you wish to refer to Stepping Stones you should contact your GP, or speak with the support staff you are currently working with. Up to date information about our services can be accessed via the link below.

Stepping Stones Information 

Home Visits

We are unable to offer home visits. If you feel you need a home visit, contact our office and one of our support staff will be able to advise you on what to do.


Once a referral form has been received, an assessment appointment with a Stepping Stones’ staff member is organised at a suitable time and place. Our waiting times for face to face appointment based assessments can vary between 4-8 weeks.

 At the appointment, the person meets with the assessor to discuss their recent difficulties and complete several short forms. If Stepping Stones can offer a suitable support service, we will discuss the options available. Following assessment, Stepping Stones senior staff will review any new assessments that have been completed on a weekly basis.

If we feel that another service is better placed to support you we will let you know and signpost you, with your consent, to the most appropriate service the person to that service.

Cancellations and Non-attendance at Assessments:

If you cancel your appointment you will be placed to the back of the queue for assessments. If you do not attend your assessment without notifying us that you are cancelling your assessment, your referral will be closed.