We encourage people to self refer to Stepping Stones!

Referral criteria

Stepping Stones referrals reside within West Dunbartonshire and are at least 16 years of age. When people refer to our service they are usually experiencing common mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety or stress. These can have a big impact on how people live their lives, their relationships at home, or at work. The list can be endless.

We have an open referral system and we welcome self referrals to the service. Support agencies, or GP’s can signpost individuals to the service. A referral form is available for agencies who work outwith the confines of West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership and this can be requested by contacting admin@stepstones.org.uk.

Making a referral

You can refer to Stepping Stones by calling us on 0141 941 2929, or emailing us on admin@stepstones.org.uk. Some people are happy to refer via the online form. We will take your details and let you know when we can offer you an appointment to discuss your support needs.

Home Visits

We can offer an assessment at the persons’ home if they are unable to come into our offices for an appointment. Following assessment, we can offer support in the home for a short period of time, usually for 4 – 6 support sessions.


Once a referral has been received, an assessment appointment with a Stepping Stones’ staff member is organised at a suitable time and place. At the appointment, the person meets with staff to discuss their recent difficulties and complete several short forms. If Stepping Stones can offer a suitable support service, we will discuss the options available to the person at assessment. Stepping Stones staff discuss the referral at our weekly allocations meeting.

If we feel that another service is better placed to support the person, we will refer the person to that service.

Most people receive an assessment appointment within 4 – 8 weeks. However, waiting times can fluctuate and allocation to our services may take a further 4 – 20 weeks depending on demand.

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