Stepping Stones Expands Service!

August 30, 2017

It is with some pleasure and pride we announce that we have received additional funding from West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership. The additional funding will allow the organisation to further its aims by funding the new position of Counselling Team Leader and increasing our office capacity. What this means for the service is that we will be able to provide counselling services in all localities in West Dunbartonshire, therefore, improving access for those who find it difficult to come to Clydebank for support.

Furthermore, we have been able to increase our office capacity in Clydebank and now have 3 more consulting rooms and 1 more group room in which to carry out our activities.

Currently, we have found our waiting times for our 1:1 support services to be on the increase. Mostly this is due to the demand on our services we have experienced over the past year and the availability of counsellors.

More information about our waiting times is available from the staff at our office, just ask them. The waiting times change frequently.

Obviously, we are delighted by the extra funding we have received and are grateful for the continued trust and support we receive from the West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

John White

Services Manager