Wellbeing & Recovery

Service update.

Our services have returned to normal and we are accepting referrals from people who meet our referral criteria. Check out our referrals page here.

However, our services are changing slightly from the way they have been offered in the past. We offer a blended approach to our work, using more telephone and video calls to engage with our members. Face to face is available when people who refer feel they will get more out of the service than they would from digital support.

More information on our services is available by clicking the link below. Click for more info

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We’re happy to talk

We are only  a stone’s throw away. You can contact us 24/7 at any of the details below.


0141 941 2929

Call our main phone number to speak to someone directly during our 9am-5pm opening hours.


07848 042521

Our 24 hour answer machine facility.

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Julie’s Story

I had been suffering from depression. Through Stepping Stones, I’ve learned the word is not as all consuming as it used to be

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A Step in the Right Direction

Sometimes making that first step is really hard. We know that asking for help can be really difficult and that’s why you will treated with respect and with sensitivity when you contact us for support or information. It is a cliche, and a true one at that, but a  journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We will be with you all the way when you start your journey giving you the support, guidance and encouragement you feel you need.

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We're happy to talk