A Step in the Right Direction

Sometimes making that first step is really hard. We know that asking for help can be really difficult and thats why you will treated with respect and with sensitivity when you contact us for support or information. It is a cliche, and a true one at that,  but a  journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We will be with you all the way when you start your journey giving you the support, guidance and encouragement you feel you need.

Stepping Stones has to work incredibly hard to make ends meet and each year we find it more difficult to meet the demands placed upon our services. We believe that supporting a small local organisation like ours will give you better value for your donation. For example, £10 will book a room in a community venue for an hour and help us to run a support group for people with mental health conditions. £30 will pay for a facilitator for a Tai Chi class including the hire of a room for one hour. £100 will pay for 1000 information leaflets at a local printer.

To make a donation call us on 0141 941 2929.