Our Support Services

All of our support services are recovery focussed and informed by the National Care Standards. The principles are dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential and equality and diversity, We work with members’ to ensure each individual has the opportunity to maximise their support from the services we provide.

One to One Support

You will meet with your worker on a regular basis and you will have the opportunity to develop your own Personal Support .


A safe space where techniques are explained, discussed and experienced to enable members to reduce their stress levels and improve their well being.


Counselling is offered on a one to one basis with a volunteer or trainee counsellor.


The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple process. The recipient simply lies on a couch and relaxes.

Tai Chi

Every morning in the Far East, hundreds of thousands of people perform a series of exacting exercises.

Groups we facilitate and where they are held!

Stepping Stones facilitates groups and services in various locations around West Dunbartonshire. Please call if you are unsure of your venue.

Latest Events

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At Stepping Stones WRAP training is delivered by Jackie Sroka and Elaine McWilliams who are accredited WRAP Facilitators. The training course involves attending a 3 hour group session per week ...Read More
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This course involves participating in slow, gentle movements that help focus and balance the mind and body. It is great for relaxation. The course is facilitated at the Dalmuir Community Education Centre ...Read More

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