Our Support Services

Stepping Stones is a registered charity and user led organisation that provides a range of services to adults in West  Dunbartonshire. Our service is informed by the Health and Social Care Standards and the Scottish Social Services Council Codes of Practice.  A proportion of our services are going through the registration process with the Care Inspectorate.

The Care Inspectorate is the independent regulator of all health and social care services in Scotland. Its aim is to make sure better care is provided for everyone – in hospitals, care homes and people’s own homes.

The Care Inspectorate publish its inspection reports on their website www.careinspectorate.com which also provides details of all social care services available throughout Scotland.

The Care Inspectorate can be contacted with general enquiries, or complaints, at any time, by telephoning 03456009527, or by visiting their website on www.careinspectorate.com.

Our services are delivered across West Dunbartonshire in various locations. The location of the service that you require will be discussed at your assessment.

The services we provide are facilitated by qualified staff, trainees and volunteers who undergo training and receive regular support and supervision.

Currently, there are no charges associated with the services we provide.

One to One Support

You will meet with your worker on a regular basis and you will have the opportunity to develop your own Personal Support .


A safe space where techniques are explained, discussed and experienced to enable members to reduce their stress levels and improve their well being.


Counselling is offered on a one to one basis with a volunteer or trainee counsellor.


The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple process. The recipient simply lies on a couch and relaxes.

Tai Chi

Every morning in the Far East, hundreds of thousands of people perform a series of exacting exercises.

Groups we facilitate and where they are held!

Stepping Stones facilitates groups and services in various locations around West Dunbartonshire. Please call if you are unsure of your venue.

Happy to Talk

We are only ever a stones throw away.

Call us on 0141 941 2929 or

contact us day or night via our enquiry form